Issuing certificates

Printout of the Estonian Population Register (extracts, family event certificates)

The population register is a database which unites the main personal data on Estonian citizens, citizens of the European Union who have registered their residence in Estonia, and aliens who have been granted a residence permit or right of residence in Estonia. The consul issues extracts and certificates of birth, death, marriage, divorce and name change from the population register.

Certificates of family events are issued only for events registered in the population register. Extracts from the population register can be issued in Estonian,  English, German or French. All adults have the right to access the information entered in the population register regarding themselves, their minor children and individuals under their guardianship.

To apply for certificate or extract please present an application together with a copy of your passport/ID-card and pay state fee to the Embassy.

Certificate for marriage preventing circumstances

For getting married in the United Arab Emirates you might be asked to prove that you are single or that you are allowed to marry. The document is called a Marriage  Non-Impediment Certificate.

To apply for certificate please fill in the application, present it together with a copy of your and your future spouse’s passport or ID-card and pay the state fee to the Embassy.

According to the Estonian regulations the certificate will expire if the marriage is not contracted within six months after the certificate has been issued.

A certificate could be issued concerning the circumstances known (beyond doubt) to the consular officer.

Police clearance certificate

The Police clearance certificate is issued by the Criminal Records Database.

In case you have an ID-card (with pin-codes and an ID-card reader) it is possible to apply for it online: