Temporary residence permit (TRP)

A person who intends to stay in Estonia longer than one year, must apply for a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) at the Embassy. It is possible to travel to Estonia once the TRP card has been collected from the Embassy. TRP applications are processed by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board within 2-3 months.

In certain cases (study, start-up business, working in a start-up company) it is possible to apply for a D-visa even if the intended stay is longer than one year. In these cases, the applicant would travel to Estonia on a D-visa and apply for a TRP at the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.


Please be mindful of COVID-19 restrictions in the UAE (entry to the country and the emirate of Abu Dhabi, quarantine and PCR testing requirements).

Do not travel to UAE unless you have secured a booking with the Embassy. Travelling without an appointment is at applicant’s own risk.


TRP application must be submitted in person in order to have your fingerprints taken.

Please book an appointment online: https://broneering.mfa.ee/en/. Choose “Application for residence permit” from the menu and comment on the main reason for applying the TRP in the “Additional information” box.

NB! Electronic calendar is showing all available appointments 60 days ahead. If none are visible, they have been fully booked.


  • Application Form for TRP – filled out online, printed, and signed.
  • Family and Relatives Data Form – filled out online, printed, and signed.
  • Passport
  • 1 digital colour photo
  • Insurance
  • Additional documents (e.g. proof of legal income, flight and accommodation details etc).

For a full list of supporting documents, please refer to the different categories on the Estonian Police and Border Guard website HERE.


TRP for foreigners under one year of age  25 EUR
TRP for settling with a spouse or close relative who is an Estonian citizen   60 EUR
TRP for employment   125 EUR
TRP for business   190 EUR

NB! Ordering the document to the Embassy will cost 20 EUR in addition to the state fee.

Payment can be made by:

  • bank card (in EUR) at the Embassy during lodging the application or
  • bank transfer (in EUR) to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance in Estonia.

NB! Embassy does not accept cash payments.

Bank accounts of the MINISTRY OF FINANCE:

  • SEB Bank EE891010220034796011, SWIFT: EEUHEE2X
  • Swedbank EE932200221023778606, SWIFT: HABAEE2X
  • Luminor Bank AS EE701700017001577198, SWIFT: RIKOEE22
  • Reference number: 2900082443 (NB! Please note that the „Reference Number“ and „Clarification of Payment“ are mandatory fields on the payment order. If the bank of your home country does not have a space to enter a reference number, then it must be entered in the clarification field).
  • Clarification of payment:  TRP (applicant’s full name, passport number)