Economic Relations


The United Arab Emirates ranked as the 32nd trading partner for Estonia in 2021 with trade amounting to 128 million euros.

Export amounted to 61.9 million euros and the primary export items were machinery and equipment. Import amounted to 66.1 million euros and the primary import products were machinery and equipment.

Trade between Estonia and United Arab Emirates (in millions of EUR)

Year Export Import
2018 60,2 9,4
2019 63,7 18,5
2020 37,1 21,8
2021 61,9 66,1


Direct investments from the United Arab Emirates to Estonia amounted to 221 million euros (as of 30 June 2022). Investments have been mainly made in the finance and insurance sector. Direct investments from Estonia to the United Arab Emirates amounted to 25 million euros (as of 30 June 2022).


Based on the data of the Bank of Estonia, Estonian residents visited the United Arab Emirates 4462 times in 2021. Residents of the United Arab Emirates visited Estonia 344 times in 2021.