Required documents

Please do not send any documents prior to the Embassy e-mail. All applicants must present in person the following documents during their appointment at the Embassy:


  • Issued within the last 10 years;
  • Contains at least two blank pages for visas;
  • Valid at least 3 months after the expiration date of the visa.


  • Application form for a D-visa can be found HERE.
  • Should be filled in English or Estonian:
    • In the D-Visa column ON THE RIGHT SIDE, select the language in which you wish to fill the application;
    • Fill in the application according to the instructions. Make sure to read all the instructions carefully and provide as much information as possible. Avoid typing errors and if in doubt, click on the “?” symbol for additional information;
    • After completing the application, it will be emailed to you as a PDF file. You will also be given the choice to print the form out the form immediately.
  • Before submitting the printed form at the Embassy, you must sign it at the end of each page and at the end of the form;
  • If information on the visa application is incorrect, you should fill in a new application form, print and sign it again.

COLOR PHOTO (35mm x 45mm)

  • Taken within last 6 months;
  • Plain light-coloured background;
  • Looking directly to the camera;
  • Without head covering, except for religious reasons (in this case facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of applicant’s face must be clearly shown);
  • Additional information about requirements to the photo here.
  • Do not staple the photo to the application.


  • Recommended validity throughout the territory of the Schengen Member States;
  • Recommended minimum coverage 30 000 Euros;
  • Cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay;
  • Cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death;
  • If applicant will be covered with Estonian health insurance (Haigekassa) after arrival to Estonia, travel medical insurance must cover only the period until Estonian health insurance (Haigekassa) insurance becomes valid.


  • Embassy suggests to present proof of sufficient financial means during the stay in Estonia (e.g. original private bank statement showing movements in the last three months, duly stamped and signed by the bank; sponsorship letter with proof of sponsor’s financial means etc) according to the purpose of stay.


  • Confirmation of the educational institution about admission of the applicant.

Short-term employment

Moving to close relative (visiting family):

  • Confirmation letter from the host;
  • Document proving family ties or marital status (birth or marriage certificate);
  • If applicant is an adult child who due to his/her health status or disability is unable to cope independently – documents proving his or her health status or disability.


  • Make sure that you submit all required documents to the Embassy. Missing documents may negatively affect the visa decision.
  • Documents of the application can be in English or Estonian. Documents in other languages must be translated by sworn translator or certified by the Notary;
  • All original documents (such as marriage or birth certificates) must be apostilled or legalized by the home country and the competent Estonian authorities. For more information, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
  • If the applicant does not speak/understand Estonian or English, an interpreter must be taken along to the appointment at the Embassy.


  • At the time of submission of the application, biometric data (10 fingerprints) will be collected from the applicant;
  • Children under the age of 12 and persons for whom fingerprinting is physically impossible shall be exempt form the requirement.


  • Examining D-visa application 100 EUR; children 6-11 years 40 EUR;
  • Payment can be made by:
    • bank card (in EUR) at the Embassy during lodging the application or
    • bank transfer (in EUR) to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance in Estonia.

NB! If paying by bank transfer, make the payment at least 5 working days before coming for your appointment at the Embassy. In addition to showing proof of payment from your side, the Consul must be able to see that your payment has been deposited in the Ministry of Finance bank account).

NB! Embassy does not accept cash payments.

Bank accounts of the MINISTRY OF FINANCE:

  • SEB Bank EE891010220034796011, SWIFT: EEUHEE2X
  • Swedbank EE932200221023778606, SWIFT: HABAEE2X
  • Luminor Bank AS EE701700017001577198, SWIFT: RIKOEE22
  • Reference number: 2900073630 (NB! Please note that the „Reference Number“ and „Clarification of Payment“ are mandatory fields on the payment order. If the bank of your home country does not have a space to enter a reference number, then it must be entered in the clarification field).
  • Clarification of payment:  D visa application (applicant’s full name, passport number)

NB! Please make sure the Ministry receives the full amount and all fees related to the international transfer are paid by the applicant. 

State fee is waived for the following applicants:

  • Children under six years;
  • Family members of citizens of Estonia;
  • Family members of citizens of an EU country, EEA country or the Swiss Confederation according to the Citizen of the European Union Act.